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‘PANI’ along with its targeted communities has come a long way to bring changes in the life of excluded. During this journey, we were able to evolve as an inclusive organization and more answerable to change the lives of vulnerable communities.
Health, Nutrition & WASH, Integrated child development, Gender & Governance (women empowerment), Sustainable Livelihood, NRM and Climate Change are the thematic areas of the organization. Our quest of rural development can only be realized when peace & functional local self governance can be established in villages. Our past experience & field studies has time and again shown that majority of the families in rural society struggle to meet livelihood demands of the family and are forced to live a life full of risk and uncertainty. PANI has been striving to mobilize resources for the cause of poor and needy and engaged in empowering women, children, youth, adolescent girls, small and marginal farmers to live a life with dignity. Through its interventions; PANI has successfully developed various cost effective, replicable and scalable development models under its all program domains- viz. Health, Nutrition & WASH, Livelihood Enhancement, Women Empowerment, Child Development and NRM & Climate Change.
Our Board members have always played a crucial role in the growth and capacity-building of the organization. We would like to thank our Governing Board and Core Management Group (CMG) for their continued guidance and unstinting support as we continue on our journey.
Finally, I would like to thank the true ‘heroes’ of the organization – our staff who toil hard to empower and facilitate community; to take us closer to our vision of “building an inclusive society that prospers in harmony with its surroundings”. The progress and achievements presented here are a result of their courage, conviction and committed action, in the face of increasing challenges and risks in supporting poor and marginalized people to claim and exercise their rights and entitlements.”

Best Wishes,
Mr. Bharat Bhushan
Secretary (Chief Functionary)
People’s Action for National Integration (PANI)

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People’s Action for National Integration – ‘PANI’, is a social development organization working in underdeveloped regions of Uttar Pradesh
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